Topic 1: Creating a Personal Classroom Management Philosophy

Discussion Directions

After all you have learned in this course, it is time to think about how you would develop your own classroom management plan and philosophy. What theories and theorists stand out most to you? With which ones do you most closely identify? Let the following learning activity help you think of ways you would develop your own plan.

Answer the following questions and respond thoughtfully to your classmates’ posts:

  1. Analyze Ms. Zeichner’s plan for developing her classroom management system. Is it realistic or idealistic to seek input from all of these groups?
  2. Based on what you have learned in this course, what theories or models would you incorporate into your own classroom management plan? Why did you choose these specific theories or models?
  3. Would you seek input from students, administrators, and parents, like Ms. Zeichner? Explain why or why not. If so, what questions would you ask?

Getting off to a good start is key to effective classroom management. The Wongs’ classroom management model focuses on the first days of school and preparing your classroom for an effective school year. Review the principles of the Wong classroom management model.

  1. How can you use the Wong classroom management model to ensure success in your classroom?
  2. How can you apply Wong’s approach to your personal philosophy of classroom management?

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