Write at least a one-to-two-page paper, using APA format. Reference all resources used.  Use the EGCC library to find your article or other research databases.  Make sure you cite and reference all of your resources to avoid plagiarism.

Find an evidence-based peer-review research article on a social work topic where the researchers used a quantitative research method.  Read the article and then 1.) write a summary identifying the type of research conducted, 2.) how you know the researchers used a quantitative method, 3.) the process they used to conduct the research, and 4.) the outcomes of the study. Each point must be clearly noted/referenced in your assignment. Attach the article to the assignment.

Please be mindful of grammar and sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation when submitting your assignments.  College level writing is expected throughout this course and is a component of your grade for all submitted work.

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