1. Write down your ideas about the use of ICT and implementation strategies in educational delivery (e.g., how it should be carried out; what is good about it; what is not good). Be sure to revisit and revise these initial thoughts as you work through this course.
  2. What personal beliefs do you currently hold with respect to the use of ICT in delivering education?
  3. What is your personal vision for the use of ICT as it relates to program delivery?
  4. How do your responses to 2 and 3 compare to your school or district policies? Do you know your school or district policies?
  5. Is there anything in your personal values about education that presents a barrier to your working positively to deliver digital learning? Do you think these differences can effectively be reconciled?
  6. What are your top priorities for delivering quality education to your students, and how can they be achieved using ICT to deliver digital learning? What pedagogical models of instructional delivery do you use and support?
  7. Have you experienced any instructional disappointments with the use of digital learning? If so, what are they, what caused them, and how can they be addressed in future?
  8. Do you have someone you rely on to help you with this subject? Do you feel capable of providing help and insight to others?
  9. What are your critical needs in delivering quality education through digital learning?
  10. What ideas about digital learning would you like to discuss with your peers? Is there an avenue for doing this?

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