1.Explain how gas is exchanged between the lung and the blood, and the blood and the tissues.


2.Explain the effect smoking has on the body’s ability to move material trapped in the respiratory mucosa.


3.What is hepatitis?  What are the signs and symptoms of hepatitis?


4.Briefly describe the processes of carbohydrate digestion, fat digestion, and protein digestion.


5.What is the function of vitamins and minerals in the body?


6.Why is trying to lower a moderate fever counterproductive to the body’s attempt to fight off an infection?



PART II: Case Study


Directions: Please answer each of the case study questions below.  Ensure that your responses are detailed and that each response is at least one half of a page to one page in length.  Please use proper APA format.  If necessary, please cite any sources.  You may also utilize LIRN for your research.  Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for concise APA and LIRN guidelines.


1.What happens when a person takes in a breath of air?  Start with the moment before inspiration actually occurs and describe the path that the air takes and the structures through which it flows.


2.An 8-year-old child has extensive tooth decay in the second molar but no pain.  Repairing the damage is expensive and will involve placement of a crown or cap because there will be little supportive structure left after the decay has been removed.  The parents question the value of this expensive treatment because the tooth is due to fall out anyway between ages 10 and 14 years.



3.What is body temperature, and how does the body regulate it?  What gland oversees thermoregulation in the body?  What mechanisms allow heat to be lost from blood?


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