In Alaska exists one of the largest ocean feeding glaciers, The Columbia Glacier.   It has recently been discovered that it is retreating at a pace of up to 50 feet per day.   Antarctica is another area with extensive land based ice sheets that if they were to melt would raise sea level 200 feet.   Greenland may be the most immediate threat to sea level rise.   The ice sheet on Greenland is 1500 miles long and 50 miles wide and is losing 150 billion tons more of ice per year than it gains!   Ice melting is being studied extensively here.   Based on this documentary and what you have learned from your text and lecture:




1. Describe the life cycle of a glacier (how is it created/destroyed)?


  2. What are 3 consequences of melting glaciers?   (Make sure you define which kind of glaciers will cause the consequences you describe).


  3. What was your opinion on the documentary; do you feel that the melting glaciers are an immediate problem?


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