Record your food and beverage intake for 3 meals period on the attached sheet. You do not need to disclose your full diet for a 3-day period, but include enough to provide a basis for discussion, even if you need to purposely taste a meal or a recipe to develop your content without revealing what you normally eat.

[NOTE: the assignment for week one does ask that you record, thus disclose, all food consumed for the purpose of the assignment.]

Identify what you consumed and the amount. Then add your own description for how you felt 30 minutes after eating the foods/beverages.

NOTE: If you experienced delayed access to the class, recall a previous meal and base your discussion on that. 

Attach the Food Feeling Descriptors/Food Diary as the basis of your original post. Describe how you felt after eating the foods. If you were missing categories of foods, i.e. dairy or fruit, do you believe you would feel better if they were a  part of your daily intake?

Remember that the original post needs to be 250 word

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