GLG 103 Lab 14

Geologic Structures Worksheet


A.      Complete all of the items on this page.

B.      Save the document onto your computer.

C.      Email the completed worksheet to your Instructor.


MAP ā€“ South Dakota-Wyoming/Black Hills (See Figure 14.2 in the lab)


1. What geologic structure is represented here?  Explain.  (8 points)


2. Where are rocks within the structure dipping the most steeply? How did you determine that?  (8 points)


3. Draw a generalized version (a rough drawing) of the map view of this structure and place at least 8 strike and dip symbols on it.  (10 points)

4. Draw a geologic profile along line E-Eā€™.  (11 points)


MAP ā€“ Southeastern United States  ( See Figure 14.3 in the lab)


5. What is the general strike of the Paleozoic rocks (striped pattern)?  (7 points)


6. These rocks are what?  a. horizontal,  b. uniformly tilted,  c. folded into anticlines and synclines  (7 points)


7. What is the structure in the upper left-hand corner of the map?  (8 points)


8. Coastal Plain sediments are covering the basement rocks in the southern portion of the map.  In what direction do they dip?  (7 points)



MAP ā€“ A portion of Grand Canyon, Arizona ( See Figure 14.4 in the lab)


9. What is the attitude of the Paleozoic rocks on this map?  Explain.  (6 points)


10. Within the Paleozoic rocks, where are the gentlest slopes? Explain. (7 points)


11. Which Paleozoic formation is the thickest? Explain. (7 points)


12. What sort of relationship can you observe between faults and stream valleys on the map. (6 points)


13. Name one unconformity on the map, and detail between which rock units it occurs. (You may need to refer back to Lab 5.) (8 points)

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