1. Describe the contents of the text box after the button is clicked.


Private Sub btnOutput_Click(…) Handles btnOutput.Click


txtBox.Text = “Goodbye”


txtBox.Text = “Hello”


End Sub


For questions 2 and 3, assume that the three objects on the form were created in the order txtFirst, txtSecond, and lblOne. Determine the output displayed in lblOne when the program is run and the Tab key is pressed. Note: Initially, txtFirst has the focus.


2. Private Sub txtFirst_Leave(…) Handles txtFirst.Leave


lblOne.BackColor = Color.White


lblOne.Text = “Hello”


End Sub


3. Private Sub txtSecond_Enter(…) Handles txtSecond.Enter


lblOne.Visible = False


lblOne.Text = “Hello”


End Sub


4. Determine the errors.


Private Sub btnOutput_Click(…) Handles btnOutput.Click


txtBox = “Hello”


End Sub


For questions 5 and 6, write a program with a Windows-style interface to carry out the task.


5. A form contains two text boxes and one large label between them with no preset caption. When the first text box receives the focus, the label reads “Enter your full name.” When the second text box receives the focus, the label reads “Enter your phone number, including area code.”

6. Simulate a traffic light with three small square text boxes placed vertically on a form. Initially, the bottom text box is solid green and the other text boxes are dark gray. When the Tab key is pressed, the middle text box turns yellow and the bottom text box turns dark gray. The next time Tab is pressed, the

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