Computers have brought a world of advancement to the forensic arena. The value of computers to law enforcement and criminal justice in general is without question. But, this is a double edged sword in a sense. Criminals are quickly converting computers into a tool for criminal enterprise and criminal activity. Computer crime overwhelms most local police agencies that are without resources to investigate and prosecute “cyber criminals.” Computers cross local, regional, and international jurisdictions. A criminal with a computer in Australia can easily defraud a citizen living in North Carolina. The authorities, often lacking resources to even locate such criminals, also face other overwhelming obstacles—namely jurisdiction. North Carolina authorities cannot prosecute a criminal in Australia. It is not practical to consider extradition for such crimes. Given this dilemma, how do you see the enforcement and prosecution of cyber criminals being resolved in the future? Is the cyber criminal logistically and practically immune from prosecution as long as their crimes cross international boundaries? What are your thoughts on this issue ?


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