Assignment InstructionsSee your packet for more information on this assignment. There is no template for this writing assignment like the others. Remember that your paper must be submitted as a WORD document.

Chapter 15 of your textbook explored the topic of hormonal agents, with particular emphasis on anabolic steroids. For this assignment, you are to write a detailed essay in third person voice that at a minimum is at least five pages in length (not including cover page or reference page)  and must be in APA format. To learn about third person, see the link on the topic under this week’s suggested reading. Your paper must:  Define ergogenic aid and explain how steroids are considered part of your definition.  Discuss the affects of steroid use on athletic performance.  Explain how steroids differ from the human growth hormone.  Assess the medical risk of steroid use. Summarize your findings in the context of exercise science.  Your essay should include an introduction and summary that are clearly labeled and each section of your paper should be labeled. An example of an APA style paper can be found in the RESOURCES section of the online classroom. You will also find a template for the final essay project under RESOURCES. Your paper must also include at least five outside references.  There is also a checklist for the final paper under RESOURCES. Use the APUS Online Library, the Internet, your textbook as well as sports and exercise journals as possible sources for information. These references need to be in the body of the paper and then appear again in the reference section. Finally, your paper should be as rich in detail as possible.   

Week # 7 Research Paper Grading Criteria 

Maximum Points

Provides a definition of ergogenic aids with anabolic steroids as part of the definition


Discuss the effects of steroid use on athletic performance.


Explain how steroids differ from the human growth hormone


Assess the medical risk of steroid use


Paper is five pages in length and includes at least five outside references


Used correct spelling, grammar, professional vocabulary and APA format.


Total: 100


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