Week 5 

Anthropological Description of the Neolithic Revolution

You will choose one civilization from the resource list (Links to an external site.) (also covered in Chapters 10-14 of the textbook), and summarize the impact of the Neolithic revolution on the selected civilization. The textbook also lists and explores seven characteristics of a civilization (pp. 345-349). You will choose three of these characteristics and assess how they are manifested in your chosen civilization. You must use a minimum of one scholarly source from the provided list of Ashford University Library resources, in addition to the text.

In your paper:

· Describe one of the civilizations from the list provided (i.e., location, environment, and relevant history of the civilization).

· Explain how the Neolithic revolution contributed to the origins of your chosen civilization.

· Summarize three of the characteristics of civilizations and assess how they are manifested in your chosen civilization.

· Provide supporting archaeological evidence that those characteristics manifested within your chosen civilization.

· Explain the factors that led to the downfall of the chosen civilization.

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