.CASE OF  “Miss E”:

Discuss the impact of food selection on nutrition.


Identify social and economic problems facing the aging American.

Discuss how nutrition in previous life stages can affect the nutrition status of an older adult.

Discuss the possible causes of overweight and underweight in older adults.


. Instructions

Refer to the case study information on p. 309 of your textbook (“An Older Woman Living Alone”). Review the case study patient information in detail. “Miss E” is referred to you by a local community outreach service. The program director believes that Miss E can benefit from a nutritional assessment and possible nutritional therapy.


For this Assignment, imagine that you are a clinical nutrition assistant at a private nutrition consulting firm and the supervising dietitian asked you to address the following questions in a formal way: 1. What physical changes have influenced Miss E’s food intake? 2. What are some socioeconomic or psychological changes that may be influencing her nutrition intake? 3. Could these changes be impacting her overall nutritional status? 4. Which nutrients are likely to be low in her diet? Why? 5. What are your general concerns about her physical condition? What are the implications of her recent weight loss? Are there any particular nutrients she may be deficient or low in? 6. How have her dietary practices and choices impacted her nutrition and health status? (Be specific.) 7. What are your nutrition recommendations? (Include estimated calorie needs, protein needs, menu changes, the recommendation — or not — of an oral supplement, e.g., a vitamin/mineral or oral drink nutrition supplement.)


Requirements • Organize your answers to the above questions into a 3-page essay (estimated word count of essay should be around 750 words). You may include a sample menu if needed. Include a minimum of three APA-style references.


CASE OF An Older Woman Living Alone

Miss E is 81 years old and lives in public housing. Her apartment kitchen has a two-unit cook top and a small refrigerator but very little storage space. She prepares and eats all her meals alone. She has always enjoyed mealtime but now has trouble with food sticking in her throat, so she cooks everything until it is very soft and seldom eats meat. She feels very tired much of the time; on days when Miss E is not well enough to fix a meal, she eats just cereal and milk. She likes fruits and vegetables but always buys them in cans because they are easier to swallow and cost less than when fresh or frozen. Miss E does her shopping at a supermarket about one half mile away. It had been her custom to walk to the market and take the bus home, but it is becoming more difficult to walk, so she rides both ways. She makes the trip twice a week so that she has fewer items to carry at one time. Because she has always liked to walk, Miss E maintained a healthy body weight, but recently she has been losing weight and now worries about her health. She wonders if she should be taking a vitamin supplement to increase her energy level.







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