Kant’s concept of the categorical imperative is a moral obligation to guide us toward what we ought to do, regardless the circumstances. Kant has us test our actions by asking of ourselves: “What if everyone did it? ”   This activity aligns with module outcomes4.Discussion Question

Prepare for this discussion by completing your readings and viewings. Then respond to the following: Identify a film that best reflects at least three of your own categorical imperatives. Be specific about how the film demonstrates your beliefs. Why is it important for you and others in your life to adhere to those categorical imperatives you listed? Why is it important in the film that those imperatives were followed? Include a clip, if you can. Please share with your classmates the film you chose for your Module 2 Mini Essay. Speculate how the film may or may not align with your own preferred ethical stance or theory. Your initial post should be at least 2 5 0 words and must substantively integrate the assigned readings from the module with proper APA style formatting

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