Based on your research and what you are learning in class, please write an APA formatted paper focusing on a particular disease or disorder involving the organ systems covered in A&P 2.  You can choose diseases or disorders of nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, digestive or lymphatic systems.    The paper must be a minimum of 2 pages and no longer than 3 pages.  The page count does not include the Title Page, Abstract, and References sections.


1)                     Include the following information in your paper;

·      Title Page (separate page)

·      Abstract (separate page)

·      which organs are involved

·      disease process

·      which population is most affected

·      signs and symptoms

·      how it is diagnosed

·      treatment/cure/prevention

·      and anything else you feel will help the class understand your chosen topic

·      Reference Page (separate page)



2)                     Format            

·      All submissions must be typed

·      APA format only.

·      2-3 pages not including cover, abstract, and references


3)                     References/Resources

·      Utilize 3 or more journal articles, there is a minimum of three resources required to have the paper read for a grade.

·      Academic/professional journals only

·      Citations fromsites such as WIKIPEDIA or “” will not be considered valid.



5)                     Important Term Paper Dates

·      Monday of Week 2 – Topic of Paper Due (choose topic under discussion tab in Blackboard by 6:30 pm)  Topics are on a first come first serve basis. Duplicate topics will not be accepted.

·      Monday of Week 4 –                   Final Paper Due (email submission & hard copy – by 6:30 pm)

Grading Rubric Research Paper


Content (60% of Research Paper Grade) Instructor Review



Topic and Ideas: Explores appropriate topic based on disciplines and college level thinking



Comprehension: Synthesizes information and communicates it through student’s own thoughts and words.



Evidences critical and analytical skills



Composition & Format (40% of Essay Grade) Instructor Review



Format: Correct APA Style format including citations, references, and manuscript preparation.



Research: Appropriate use of scholarly sources



Organization: Writing demonstrates well-developed body that evidences each element of the topic in succinct paragraphs and each paragraph supports the topic



Demonstrates good use of grammar and mechanics. Points awarded as follows: 0-5 errors (15 points) 6-10 errors (10 points) 11+ errors (0 points)






Total Score



Deductions for Late Work (2 points for every day late)



Deductions for Low Page Count (10 Points for every 1 page below the minimum 3 page count required.



Final Score




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