Develop  7 to 10-content slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation (including speaker notes) that explains the prairie dog land management issue. title slide and reference slide do NOT count in 7-10 content slide count. So your total slide count would be a minimum of 8 slides to Include the following points. You will have 2 references: GameScape AND 1 outside resource. Include ALL of the folloiwng content elements in your Ppt: (DO NOT write the #’s or questions on slides- title slide with key words). PRINT OFF THE RUBRIC AND FOLLOW IT AS YOU DEVELOP YOUR ASSIGNMENT.


1. Discuss some of the challenges of urbanization and environmental benefits in the U.S. today.

2. Explain how the prairie dog land management issues are related to the challenges of urbanization. For example, why was there a problem?

3. Explain the factors that influence population growth using prairie dogs as an example to illustrate your points. In other words, what factors in Sparksville caused an increase in prairie dog population. Why did they grow unchecked?

4. Briefly review how the natural environment is needed to support cities.

5. Use the ecological role of prairie dogs and their benefit to land management and their benefit to the city of Sparksville as an example.

6. Describe the all of the different policies that the city explored to manage prairie dog population growth from the GAME, and discuss how these EACH OPTION WITHIN EACH CATEGORY are rooted in environmental science and population dynamics. This helps you to understand why your choice was good and/or the best. In other words:

a. Ranch zoning – What was EACH option in the game and what impact does EACH OPTION have on the environment andpopulation dynamics?

b.  Prairie dog controls –  What was EACH option in the game and what impact does EACH OPTION have environment and population dynamics?

c.  School zoning -What was EACH option in the game and what impact does EACH OPTION have on the   environment and population dynamics?

d.  Public Policy – What was EACH option in the game and what impact does EACenvironment and population dynamics.

7. Discuss the final management decision (your options selected – ONE OPTION  from EACH of the 4 categories) and EXPLAIN how EACH balanced urban development with environmental sustainability.  In other words, EXPLAIN how your choice from Ranch Zoning, Prairie Dog Controls, School Zoning, and Public Policy solved the problem or urban development and environmental sustainability for the city of Sparksville. 

8. Explain the major challenges you faced in addressing this issue and reaching an optimal solution. Among the challenges, discuss how environmental hazards affect human population and if this impacted the decision with urban development.


RUBRIC: Use the posted Rubric for the assignment to ensure that you cover all required content elements.

Include an introductory slide, a summary slide, and a reference slide.
Include 350 words total in your speaker notes total – NOT per sldie. Remeber, slides have bullet points of the main topic and the section under each slide entitled Notes is where you put your speaker note discussion of these bullet points. If you don’t see the space for Add notes: place your curser at the bottom of the slide until it changes from arror to sideways H and drag up to reveal the space for speaker notes.

Use your textbook and one outside resource. Be sure to include the Gamescape reference – posted for you in the Announcements as well.

Include supporting visuals, such as photos, diagrams, and/or graphs.

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