Identify a current health issue or trend that is of concern to you.Identify and summarize at least one reference from a credible source(s) that helps illustrate a problem. The reference could contain data or a discussion of the issue and its potential consequences if it is not addressed. If you are focusing on a health disorder, information from a credible reference defining the disorder would be a great item to use in your post.Summarize information in your own words rather than quoting information. Remember when you summarize information you must include citations in the body of the text to acknowledge the source of the information and a full reference at the bottom of your post.




 Briefly summarize the information you found about the health issue or trend. Remember that you need citations and references for the sources of information.What new information do you think you can learn related to the issue or trend?What information is most important to you? (What is most important is likely your research problem.)Identify your research problem. Remember your research problem will guide step 2 of your scientific research process, the literature review.


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