Conduct a Needs Assessment (75 points)


The Critical Thinking Assignments in this course build upon each other to help you complete the final Portfolio Project, an instructional design blueprint for a business or organization. In this step, you will complete a needs assessment for the business or organization you have selected and profiled.


Your needs assessment must include data collection measures and outcomes for the following four stages:

 Stage 1: What are the business/organization needs?Measure used:Outcome: (What is the forecasted ROI?)Stage 2: What are the performance needs?Measure used:Outcome: (What are the knowledge and skills needed for success in the business/organization? To what degree are they currently being met? )Stage 3: What are the learning needs?Measure used:Outcome: (What knowledge and skills need to be improved through instruction?)Stage 4: What are the learner needs?Measure used:Outcome: (Who are the learners? Approximate number?, multigenerational?, cultural?, traditional?, nontraditional?, etc.)


Continue to use the template linked on the Module 1 Assignments page to organize your findings. Your final product should be well written and conform with the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements . Use at least two to three sources to support your observations and analysis. The CSU-Global Library is a great place to find these sources!


due sun 5 pm mtn time I can send you the notes from this week also


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