CNA126 Health care where people live and work 2014 Final assessment task: Advancing Health Literacy Essay The title of this essay refers to the ways that we can improve health literacy, to advance it meaning to take it to a higher level. The instructions as they appear in the Unit Outline – with the addition of an introduction and conclusion – provide the essay plan. Prepare an essay that:  Defines health literacy and explains its relationship to health outcomes; (body paragraph) Define health literacy and explain why is it important (eg what happens when people have low levels of health literacy, how common is low health literacy etc). How/why is health literacy related to primary health care?  Focuses on demonstrating the relevance of health literacy for a population group (e.g. elderly, ethnic groups, prisoners, teenagers, people with English as a second language, parents); (body paragraph) Choose a population group. Why is health literacy particularly important to this group? Think of life stage, barriers to accessing health care, medications, conditions, risk taking, culture etc. Consider the social determinants of health in relation to this population group. Refer to the literature about health literacy and the particular group.  Discusses the health literacy needs of this population group relation to a particular health condition (e.g. diabetes, HIV/AIDS, heart disease, asthma) OR public health communication issue (e.g. informed consent, rights/responsibilities, access to health care etc); (body paragraph) This needs to be related to the last paragraph ie it needs to focus on the same population group. For example, if the group is older people, then think about a health condition that is relevant to older people. It might be a chronic condition like heart disease or diabetes. In this paragraph you are required to illustrate the points made in the previous paragraph. For example, older people with a chronic condition are required to engage in self-management approaches and health literacy is fundamental to this. Refer to the literature about health literacy and the particular group and a health issue or public health message. Consider health promotion and public health messages where relevant.  Explains the role of health professionals to improve health literacy; (body paragraph) In this section you need to discuss the role of the health professional. Consider the universal precautions approach. Is addressing health literacy is the responsibility of the health professional or the client/patient? What could health professionals do to address health literacy in their practice?  Draws on relevant readings and resources provided; There are some resources in the week 5 folder, including the readings from across the semester in your textbook. There is lots of published information about health literacy to research and draw on in your writing. This is a major assessment task and you are expected to demonstrate that you have read widely on the topic.  Is written in accordance with academic standards and referencing.  Essay style using paragraphs and clearly constructed sentences.  No dot points or headings.  Ensure that you reference correctly using the School of Nursing and Midwifery Guide.  Remember your textbook is an edited work. Marking criteria:  Apply knowledge of health literacy to a population group.  Identifies the need for health literacy resources for effective communication with your chosen group about a health condition OR public health issue.  Demonstrates understanding of the health professional’s role in improving health literacy.  Communicate in academic writing.

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