IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS. Alcohol is classified as a depressant to the central nervous system Barbiturates are classified as: Binge drinking is defined as _____ or more drinks for males and ______ or more drinks for females in any one drinking episode. Most withdrawal symptoms can begin within 24 hours of last use and may continue for varying lengths of time, usually 4–10 days, depending on the substance, degree of physical dependence, genetic factors, and overall health of the person. One example of an illicitly-manufactured amphetamine is: The effect of ethanol can be moderated by a variety of factors such as: 1. The reward and deregulatory pathways are key to understanding addiction. 1. The term used when describing women’s’ response to alcohol is 1. _______ is part of the reward pathway 1. _______ refers to the body efficiently processing and eliminating mood-altering substances



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