Assignment Instructions:

You have already completed Assignment 2: The Annotated Bibliography.  To further help prepare you for Assignment 4: The Research Paper you will first submit an abstract of the main points of what you will be covering in your paper.

Your Abstract should contain the following parts that are listed below.  Topic Sentence : your abstract must contain one sentence that clearly and concisely introduces the topic of the profile paper. Content Sentences : your abstract must mention the following five main topics of the profile: Statistics/Epidemiology, Financial Costs, Anatomy & Physiology/ Etiology, Diagnosis/Treatments/ Prognosis, Conclusions and Findings. This is challenging to write!  These sentences should not be too specific, but reflect broad strokes summaries of each of these main topics. Conclusion Sentence : Abstract contains one sentence that mentions key conclusions and/or findings.


Here is a link that may help you prepare to write this Abstract. You can download the Media File: Writing Scientific Abstracts Presentation. Advice on writing abstracts


Please make note of the following tips and tricks: We understand that this is a rough draft and as your research and writing continues over the next few weeks your abstract conclusion may change.  Be sure to update this abstract if that happens when you submit Assignment 4. Please review the rubric! The rubric is a very detailed template that I will use to assess your performance.  It also will help you understand what is expected from you as you prepare your assignment. Your abstract should be clear and concise and contain approximately five to seven well written sentences.  Be sure to avoid first person. Please see the sample abstract attached above.

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