Communicating Effectively to Diverse Population Groups

Choose a culture to research and identify one nutritional concern in this group. Develop one written piece of low-literacy, culturally appropriate nutrition education material for this group and issue. Check the readability level using both the Fry and the SMOG methods. Why is it important for nutrition educators to be culturally competent? Why is pretesting materials so important? What was your experience with using the readability calculators? How will you use this information in your future career?

In addition to the above activity, prepare a 1-2 page resource listing for nutrition educators that provides tips on effective strategies for delivering culturally, literacy level, and age appropriate nutrition education materials. Be certain to address the following groups:


Diverse cultures


School age




Fry Readability Directions and Graph

Source:  To accurately calculate readability with Fry’s readability graph: Iowa Department of Public health. Retrieved from

Online SMOG (simplified gobbledygook) calculator:

Prepare a 3-5 page paper following APA guidelines, based on the above requirements (not including title page and reference page) and list at least three scholarly references. Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference.

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