the essay is Approximately 3-5 page report, 1.5 spaced describing a regression problem ( I already have the problem with its anwers but it needs to be written as an essay with paraphrasing)


Five (5) references are required which can be a combination of articles or links that support the writing in the report ( I already have one reference so you need to find 4)

Exhibits and tables can be included in the text body of the report



The current state of solutions to the problem should be described.  Where are modelers and decision makers in the process of finding good/effective solutions?  What is limiting the quality of the results if the results are not yet effective?  What makes the solutions found useful if they currently are?  What are the implications of an effective solution to the problem?



The last section of the report should discuss the future opportunities and challenges of solving the problem.  What will help solutions improve?  What limitations remain?

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