this assignment is for Earth & Space class. 

below is the instructions the proffesor gave us:

 Scale in Space

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to learn a little bit about our solar system and its vastness, I’d like you to reflect on your place in all this space. Understanding that we are just a small part of a single planet in a single solar system among billions of solar systems in one galaxy among billions of galaxies in the universe could cause anguish or elation depending upon whether this fact leads you to feel small or part of a very large existence.  I hope that the overall impact of this course is the latter. 

In this essay, I’d like you to reflect upon your place in the universe.  How has understanding the scale of the solar system broadened your perspective on your place in this world and in this universe?  How has increasing your scientific knowledge of the solar system contributed to your growth as a person and as a global citizen?  The essay should be 2 to 3 paragraphs in length, with each paragraph averaging 4 to 5 full sentences.  I’m looking for complete, well thought out reflective essays here.  Be thorough and descriptive in your essay and be sure to draw on the materials covered in the course directly.  For full points, you should not simply write an opinion piece – you must back up your opinions with facts derived from your readings and assignments.


I need this assignment to be dine in leess than 4 hours. 

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