This week you have to complete your paper on your chosen health problem. The paper should be a minimum of 6 pages and should use a minimum of 5 peer reviewed journal articles. In Week 1 you have been provided with pointers to guide you in developing the final paper. You must have followed them and developed your paper by this time.

An error-free document helps to convey your thoughts and intent more completely. Before submitting your paper, do the following:Check your document carefully with an eye for detail.Proofread your document carefully, making sure that there are no errors pertaining to: noun-verb agreement, pronouns, quotation marks, voice (active versus passive), sentence structure, and commas.Check the format, text, headings, running heads, citations, and endnotes for completeness and inclusion.Revise and rewrite your document before handing in your final draft. Include a brief one-page summary and reference list.

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