When you look at your garden, everything seems fine — but everything is not as it seems. The honeybees are missing or in short supply worldwide due to colony collapse disorder, and the whole biosphere is affected. Cut and paste the URL below into your browser to watch the PBS Nature special “Silence of the Bees” at:  

View comments on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIUo3STj6tw or do a search for updates on the Colony Collapse disorder (CCD). Then, answer the following questions (you may type the question number and then just the answer, but please use complete sentences, correct grammar and spelling.)

1. Outline what scientists have discovered so far that has shed light on the problem?

2. Explain the important connection between honeybees and the health of the ecosystems. 

3. Think about the 6 principles of sustainable thinking, and then select two of the principles to come up with solutions to the problems of colony collapse disorder. (Hint — some examples are found in the video. Since everything is connected, the relationship between pesticides sprayed on the plants visited by the insects and the honeybees is an obvious connection to be investigated — and is the subject of current research).



**CIte Your Sources **


Thank you!

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