CMGT 410 Week 2 (Version 13)


  Week 2 Week 2 DQ 1



You could almost look at the daily operations of a business, and the functions therein, as a project, and the projects that are running are projects within the projects.  Let me explain. 


Week 2 DQ 2


Scope of a project, and the work breakdown schedule


·         CMGT 410 (Version 13) Week 2 Project Scope.

·         CMGT 410 (Version 13) Week 2 Team Riordan Charter Approach. (1400+ Words)

·         CMGT 410 (Version 13) Week 2 Individual Two Day Training Session.  (600+ Words)

·         CMGT 410 (Version 13) Week 2 Individual – Project Task List.mpp

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