Part A: Using CH 23, please answer the question “What is an animal?” and then select one phyla discussed in this chapter to investigate. In your post, please discuss 2-3 important features of the phyla you select, identify an organism within this phyla, and you can earn 2 bonus points for submitting a picture of the organism taken by you (please include an index card with the date and your signature to ensure that you have taken the picture). Please review the organisms selected by your classmates, and try to choose a unique organism.


Part B: Using CH 24 as a reference, please describe 2 characteristics of plants, choose one type of plant (nonvascular plants, seedless vascular, or seeded vascular) and discuss the unique features of this type of plant. You can earn 2 bonus points for submitting a picture of a plant that falls under the type of plant you have selected. Simply include a picture of the plant that includes an index card in the shot with the date and your signature to ensure that you have taken the pict


Directions: Read the essay in Chapter 18 entitled, “New Species through Genetic Accidents: Polyploidy.” Describe the term polyploidy and how it relates to the evolution of new species. Is polyploidy more common in some species when compared to others? Can you think of a reason why this may be true?


Directions: There are many factors that contribute to the large diversity within bacteria. There are certain factors that allow for increased diversity in bacteria when compared to humans. The following factors contribute to the large diversity found within bacteria. Please pick one for your discussion board:

A high mutation rate



Fast life cycle


Please answer the following questions as they relate to the factor you select:

Define the factor in your own words

Describe how this particular factor allows for increased diversity within bacteria.

Compare bacteria and humans in terms of this factor. Does this process take place in humans as well as bacteria? If so, does it occur at the same rate? Are there any general differences between this process in humans and bacteria?


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