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Requirements:Please visit Select an article on randomized clinical trials. Answer the following questions below:What was the hypothesis of the study?What kind of trial was it (Efficacy, Effectiveness?)?How was outcome defined for the study (Preventative, Treatment, New dosing, Surgery)?What were the groups in the trial (Treatment group, placebo group, control group, or other standard of care group)?What was the sample for the study?Describe the inclusion or exclusion criteria for the selection of groups. Was everyone involved in the study (participants and investigators) “blind” to treatment?Was any Type 1 or Type II error reported? Was power of study reported?How were the results of RCT expressed (Relative risk/Odds ratio, Hazard ration, NNT)?What was the conclusion of the study?

Your paper should:be 1-2 pages in length.properly cite research free of spelling and grammar errors.

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