Instructions: As you have observed throughout this course, beginning with your Unit 1 assignment, Psychology’s goals are a natural outgrowth of our desire to understand behavior. Basically, they boil down to asking the following questions: • What is the nature of this behavior? (description) • Why does it occur? (understanding and explanation) • Can we forecast when it will occur? (prediction) • What conditions affect it? (control) Today many psychologists are eclectic practitioners because they realize a single psychological perspective is unlikely to fully explain the complex nature of human behavior. As a result, there are a variety of perspectives, with insights from one often complementing insights from another. First addressed in Unit 1 and referenced throughout this course, your text refers to the following contemporary ways to look at behavior: • Biological Perspective. o Biopsycological View. o Evolutionary View. • Psychological Perspective. o Behavioristic View. o Cognitive View. o Psychodynamic View. o Humanistic View. • Sociocultural Perspective. o Sociocultural View. For your final assignment, you will demonstrate your understanding of both the goals of psychology and the contemporary views of behavior as they pertain to the areas of health psychology and behavioral medicine. You are free to choose any topic of interest from Chapter 13 of the textbook. Examples of topics for this paper include: • The impact of behavior on health. • The effects of stress on health. • The importance of social support on health. • The effects of burnout. • Type A and Type B personality types. • Conflict management. • Effective coping strategies. You will complete a 3–5 page review paper on your chosen topic in the field of health psychology and behavioral medicine. Within this paper you will also illustrate an application of both the goals of psychology and the contemporary psychological perspectives. In addition to utilizing your course materials, you will be required to incorporate information from a minimum of three recent (a publication date within the last 10 years) scholarly articles in your paper. Resources have been provided in the Resource section of this assignment to assist you in conducting your article search. Your selected articles should specifically address current psychological research that directly applies to your chosen topic and should be obtained from the many databases found in the Capella Library. Guidelines for using the Capella Library search functions and recommended databases are found in the Library’s Undergraduate Research Guide, in the section for Psychology courses. A link to the Library Guide is provided in the Resource section of this assignment. Use the following outline to construct your paper: Introduction This section of your paper should provide an overview of your chosen topic in the field of health psychology and behavioral medicine. Use the questions that illustrate the goals of psychology (listed above) to guide your development of this section. Related Research In this section summarize each of the articles you have selected for this paper. Your summary should include the following: 1. A statement regarding the purpose of the psychological research. Note: The purpose of the research will be discussed in the abstract, introduction, and discussion/conclusion sections of the article. 2. Identification of the specific methods utilized by the researchers to conduct the study. Note: This information is addressed in the methods section of the articles. Review Table 1.3 in your Coon text,Contemporary Ways to Look at Behavior and identify which views or perspectives are supported in the research findings you have selected. 3. A discussion of the research findings and their implications. Note: This information is addressed in the discussion/conclusion section of the article. Conclusion You should conclude your paper with 1–2 paragraphs that compare and contrast your selected articles. Explain how the research findings support an eclectic approach to your chosen topic in the field of health psychology and behavioral medicine. In addition, describe how you were able to achieve the goals of psychology through your own research of the topic.

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