Current Events Overview Paper Grading Rubric—Module 7

Analyze and evaluate the 6 Current Events articles you posted over the last 6 weeks.  I do not want a summary of your journal articles.  I want you to address the question below and tell me how your journal articles support your answer. 

Write an 800 word paper addressing the following question:

What changes in our human ecology are needed to avoid our problems and create a more sustainable human-nature relationship? 


Submit to the drop box no later than Sunday, midnight.  

Grading:   Total points for this assignment = 100 pts.



10 pts.

Title page with author’s name

15 pts.

Introduction—what is your paper about?

30 pts.

Body—address the question, write with purpose and direction

15 pts.

Conclusion—what is the take away message?

10 pts.

Organization, spelling, & grammar at the college level

10 pts.

1 inch margins, 12 pt. font, 1.5 spacing, page numbers, 800 words

10 pts.

Bibliography—list your 6 current event papers—titles, authors and source.


Submit to the Dropbox as an attachment in a MS Word doc or docx.





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