Chapter 4 Plate Tectonics and Earthquake

1.In 100 to 200 words: Describe common hazards that follow major earthquakes in cities.


2. In 200 to 400 words: What factors combined to cause the resonance in México City that was so deadly in the 1985 earthquake? How far was the city from the epicenter? Two days after the earthquake, the city was shaken by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake. Would you consider this a main-shock and an aftershock or twin earthquakes?


Chapter 5 Earthquakes Throughout the U.S. and  Canada


3. In 100 to 200 words: Describe how Great Shakeout Events help to prepare communities.


4. In 200 to 400 words: Discuss key facts and critical issues associated with the New Madrid fault. What are the potential impacts of an earthquake occurring in this area and what can we do today to mitigate?


5. In 100 to 200 words: In your opinion, is it appropriate for the government to disallow the growth and development at the base of volcanoes that may erupt? Defend your viewpoint. If you think it is appropriate, how might the government proceed? If you think it is not appropriate, what could the government to in effort to prevent the loss of life/property in the case of an eruption?


Chapter 7 Volcano Case Histories: Killer Events 


6. In 100 to 200 words: Describe the sequence of events surrounding the Mount Saint Helens eruption in 1980. What could have prevented the loss of 62 lives on May 18th?


7. In 100 to 200 words: Describe how volcanoes may indirectly affect humans. Provide an example.


8. In 50 to 100 words: Are seismic waves amplified more in hard rocks or in soft sediments? What happens to amplitude of seismic waves when they enter soft sediments?


Chapter 6 Volcanic Eruptions: Plate Tectonics and Magmas


9.  In 50 to 100 words: Why do volcanoes above subduction zones erupt more explosively than volcanoes at spreading centers?


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