Instead of posing a generic question and then preparing answers, this journal is an online  “debate” about that pagan and sinful ritual called theatre  (as many people called it throughout history).  Here is the scenario…

a parish chapel is closed for economic reasons, but, technically, is still owned by the local church.  To raise funds, the church has decided to “rent” out the chapel to local organizations for meetings, events or activities, since it is no longer used by the church for masses, etc.  A request is made by a local theatre  company to rent the chapel, in order to put on the theatre  productionHair.  The musical they have chosen does contain some language and adult situations, which could be deemed inappropriate by some members of the congregation and/or community.

Your journal assignment should answer the following: Do you rent the space to the theatre  company?  Why or why not?

Create your response, in the Assignment submission box below (not in the Comments field), as a journal or diary entry.  Researching the musical Hair most likely will be needed.  The Journal Assignment should be one page long, approximately 350-400 words minimum.  Be careful of spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation…proofread and edit your work as necessary.  Please cite your sources.  This assignment will be graded according to the Journal Assignment Rubric (attached).


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