NURS 4010: Application


The History of Public Health and the Role of the Community/Public Health Nurse


Using Chapter 2 in the course textbook, your assigned reading on the role of the nurse in a specific public health setting ( Chapter 42) address the following in a 2- to 3-page paper:

Trace the history of the public health nurse including the contributions made by Lillian Wald and the Henry Street Settlement. Also, summarize the role of the nurse in the practice setting assigned. Include the following in your summary:

Explain how the core functions of community/public health nursing and the standards of practice are met with that specific role.

Describe the population served by the nurse in this role.

Which interventions might the nurse in this role utilize?

Explain the level of practice used in this practice setting (primary/secondary/tertiary).

Describe an ethical dilemma that might be encountered in this nursing role.









Course Text: Stanhope, M., & Lancaster, J. (2014). Public health nursing: Population-centered health care in the community. (REv. 8th ed.)Philadelphia: Mosby Elsevier.


Chapter 2, “History of Public Health and Public and Community Health Nursing”

This selection uses a historical approach to highlight the past and present of two areas of nursing: public and community health, beginning with the colonial America period. There is a strong emphasis on how learning from the past informs future public health challenges


Ch. 42 , Nurse in the Schools












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