Argument Paper Assignment Details

Write an argumentative paper on a topic you are interested in.

Challenge yourself. Your topic should not be one that is overly debated (as discussed in class).

You will address both sides of the topic. Remain objective.

Best  way to change a person’s opinion is by being able to understand their  point of view (or side) of the issue and be able to argue their side as  strongly as you do your own.

This is written in THIRD PERSON POV.

Do NOT use first person POV (I, we, us, me) or second person POV (you, your, etc.)

4 Credible Sources (at least)

These sources will drive what you have to say.

Be  open to what facts and information you find while researching your  topic. Do not assume you know what points you will find in the research.

Basic Research

a. No agenda

b. Discover each side to address

c. Begin a reference bank

d. Stay organized. Use Annotated Bibliography.

Find resources that address Pathos, Ethos, and Logos of the topic

1,000 to 1,200 words

No more than 1,200 because this needs to be focused

No less than 1,000 words because this paper needs to have enough detail.

APA format.

Use a creative title.

Times New Roman, 12 pt.

1.5 spacing

Include: Title page, in-text citations, and Reference page

Other details:

Use word choices which enhance your audience’s understanding.

Take out overused phrases and dead words, (“very, much, cute, nice, good, etc.”). Please look in our classcontent for other dead words.

Your Rough Draft will be peer edited.

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