Water Quality and Contamination

Before you begin this assignment, watch  The Scientific Method Presentation –here is the link to the video –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkGOJYZQwLQ . Then, read β€œ Lab 2: Water Quality and Contamination here is the link –>http://vizedhtmlcontent.next.ecollege.com/pub/content/10dc08a9-4046-490f-9a95-b4ef0022d35d/SCI_207_Lab_2.pdf.” This lab will allow you to perform tests on your own tap water to compare differences in contaminants found in bottled versus tap water. Then, you will utilize this information and your  eScience lab kit to complete Experiment 1 on the  Week Two Lab Reporting Form(see attached). Make sure to complete all of the following items before submission: Read through the introductory material and watch The Scientific Method Presentation video. Complete Experiment 1: Drinking Water Quality using your eScience lab manual and kit. Complete Tables 1 through 5 and answer Post Lab Questions 1 through 5 in complete sentences on the Week Two Lab Reporting Form.Go to β€œLab 3: Biodiversity (here is the link—>http://vizedhtmlcontent.next.ecollege.com/pub/content/892c53d0-b5fb-42c6-b950-3d6f5cb4cef4/SCI_207_Lab_3.pdf,” and complete Experiment 1: Effects of Groundwater Contamination on Plant Diversity steps 1 through 32, using your eScience lab manual and kit. Complete Table 1 and answer Post Lab Questions 1 through 5 in complete sentences on the  Week Three Lab Reporting Form (see attached). Steps 1 through 32 need to be completed in order to be prepared for Week Three; however, final results for this experiment will not be determined until next week. Thus, nothing is to be handed in for this experiment until the end of Week Three.

Submit the Lab Two Reporting Form via Waypoint. The document does not need to include a title page or other APA formatting; however, any outside resources utilized in your answers must be referenced in proper APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. 


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