1.The outter edge of the continental margin is the: a) Continental edge b) Continental rise c) Edge of the abyssal plain d) Continental slope e) Shelf Break 2.The west coast of South America is an active margin. As such, it is characterized by all of the following except: a) Steep and rocky shorelines b) Earthquakes c) Volcanoes d) Steep continental slope e) Wide continental shelf 3. An example of a hypothesis that is not a valid scientific hypothesis because it cannot be proven false: a) the deepest spot on the ocean is off the coast of a volcanic island b) The sun revolves around the earth c) The earth is flat d) Organisms similar to deep-water marine worms live in the center of the earth e) Whales listen to sound 4. An experiment can be best described as: a) Controlling a particular factor in the field b) Obtaining data from the field c) Making observations from naturally occurring events d) A set of observation that become a hypothesis e) An artificially created situation to test a hypothesis

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