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Assignment Title:   Gravity
Lesson 2 – Chapter 3 from In Quest of the Universe

Apply Newton’s three laws of motion and the law of universal gravitation.

Follow the instructions for the assignment and turn in your response to the instructor as directed.
Cite MLA any online references or local sources (newspaper, online journal, reference book, etc.) you have used in your research and your response.
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Assignment Instructions:
We usually credit the beginning of modern science to Galileo, while the work of Newton helped to describe gravity and the causes of planetary motions. Newton formulated some of the fundamental laws of physics and his work not only helped us understand the force of gravity, but also sparked the technological developments of the Industrial Revolution. In the 20th century, Albert Einstein changed our understanding of such basic concepts as space, time, and mass, refining Newton’s laws to make them applicable to the vast regions and exotic objects that we find in a universe much larger and more wondrous than the one that Newton envisioned.

Over time, scientists continued to describe in more and more detail ideas and thoughts about gravitational force. Use information from the textbook and the internet to provide a summary of each development of the understanding of gravitational force.

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