Chapter 9 – Committees and Teams


1. In what ways do committees occasionally serve to counterbalance authority and diffuse power within an organization? Evaluate the use of committees within the organization, identifying the most optimum use in your opinion. Defend your position.

2. Identify the initial issue that should always be thoroughly addressed when the establishment of a committee is recommended.

3. In what ways may committees be said to dilute the recognition and diffuse the blame or responsibility? Where, based on your personal experience, have you seen one of these impact an organization?

4. Why should employee teams be kept from addressing employee benefits and other conditions of employment?

5. Explain the fundamental difference between a committee and a task force.

Chapter 10 – Adaptation, Motivation, and Conflict Management


1. What various means are often used to secure compliance with an organization’s work rules? Evaluate each of these and select the most effective in your opinion.

2. According to Maslow’s theory of human motivation, why can we describe an individual’s quest for need satisfaction as a progressive process?

3. How can we conclude from Herzberg’s theory that the primary motivators are inherent in the work itself?

4. Why is some degree of conflict inescapable in the organizational setting? Is conflict ever productive within the organizational setting?

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