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first one

”Decision Making”

In our day to day life many times, we take decisions like where to buy food, groceries, clothes etc. We always want to make best choice among those with best price, quality etc. Making a best selection from available options to achieve our goal is defined as decision making. But in organization, decision making is very challenging because if we fail in taking right decision, organization will face its consequences, In terms of losing consumers, profit, market share etc. I would like to share my work experiences related to decision making when I was working in Metropcs (Wireless Mobile authorized dealer retailer outlet) as Asst.Manager. At that time we were having only one wholesale accessories supplier (reason for having only one supplier was due to fast shipment and good product quality). But we were having conflicts with supplier on product quality and delivery. I contacted them a few times and explained my concerns, but he didn’t give us positive response. I was not satisfied with their services so I decided to look for another supplier. It was not a simple decision as if I chose some wrong supplier, it will affect our business and customer relations. I began exploring. First, I thought it would be easy, but before I even start I had to dig in my own requirements. I realized we were selling more than 20 different types of accessories like Case, Bluetooth, Speaker, head phone etc. It was very tough and challenging for me because we needed to find a supplier who were selling all accessories with best quality, packaging, competitive price, best available payment method and fast delivery option. Product quality was major concern for us because customers were very attached with their mobile phone. They believed it’s as personal belonging. Also, had to maintain our profit margin.

During decision making process first, I had concentrated on our existing problem with current wholesale supplier and second was why we needed a new supplier. After that I had to search for available options. In case if we couldn’t get new supplier on time (I had almost a month as we didn’t want to compromise the business). After a thorough research, I found three whole sale suppliers. For a moment, I thought I reached at my destination but then realized they three are very competitive in terms of quality, price and shipping. These were the main criteria I was looking into. I had to select only one at that time. So avoiding any further confusion I had ordered few accessories form each supplier. I could make decision on basis of how fast they could ship and deliver items. Personally I could check quality, packaging and compare final cost to reach us. I had instructed employees to try to get feedback from customers. It took three weeks to find out a new wholesale supplier based on our internal review on all aspects and also considering customer’s feedback.

(Source: Certo, Certo)There are three types of group decision making process. Brainstorming, Nominal group technique and Delphi technique. As I have mentioned above I was working in retail store having five people including manager in staff. Due to business policy I couldn’t share more information with employees except manager (mainly price and final cost). Due to time constraint my manager wasn’t available that frequently for discussion. I couldn’t get more chance to discuss with any other employee for any group discussion due to business policy. As per my thinking somehow I had used kind of brainstorming. I asked my group members to give me feedback on sample accessories which I had ordered. I also discussed with them if they were having any difficulties in selling or any negative aspect of product like quality, packaging so I could say brainstorming helped me to make my decision of choosing supplier. If I could able to use other techniques of group decision making like nominal group where my group members could share their ideas spontaneously or Delphi technique where my group could offer me solution, I could find the supplier in shorter time frame.

Finally, I have achieved my goal via making right decision which helped my retail store to achieve good profit and customer satisfaction.


Second One

I decided to change my job four months ago though it was a pretty tough decision for me. I had been working at my previous firm as a project designer for only six months and my initial plan was to stay there for at least 2 years. Although it was my first job after grad school, I was in charge of 12 projects and gaining a lot of experience about architecture and construction. Compensation was also competitive and my coworkers were really friendly. In spite of these benefits, I was working 12 hours every day, trying to solve all problems by myself without any guidance and even going to work at the weekends to get the job done. One day I realized that I was always super stressed because of work and did no longer have personal life so I decided not to take it anymore.

If I breakdown my decision making process into the steps, first step would be identifying my problems that are working overtime without getting paid and trying to deal with huge projects on my own as a fresh graduate. Alternatives for solving these problems were talking to my coworkers to find a solution together, talking to my boss to express these issues or finding a new job and quitting. First alternative that I tried was talking to my coworkers who were also emotionally exhausted. I suggested them to talk to our boss all together and let him know that work had been really overwhelming because of extremely long hours and lack of guidance. However none of them wanted to talk since they were afraid to lose their jobs before finding a new one. Then I tried to talk to my boss on my own and expressed that we need more project designers and managers as soon as possible in order to reduce our work load. He said he is planning to hire 2 more people in the following weeks. I waited for two more months but he didn’t hire anyone and kept getting more clients and work. The problem wasn’t being solved after talking to my coworkers and my boss so my only choice was the last alternative; quitting the job.

All of the office was complaining about the same problems and our boss was aware of the situation. I believe if we had tried to find a solution all together, we could have easily solved our problems. We could have done brainstorming for a week, given our ideas to our boss on a piece of paper and chosen the best alternative among all of our solutions. Nominal group technique would also help us if we had presented our ideas at weekly office meeting and voted for the best ideas. It would also be beneficial to use Delphi Technique to find a consensus solution for our common problem. Unfortunately none of us took the initiative to make a change and these problems cost company three employees who resigned in a month.


3RD one

In today’s fiercely competitive world, decision making process in all facets of life is critical for every individual’s success. Although one has to understand that not all decisions that individual makes will be the best possible choice. I would like to share my experience relevant to this post. I was working on a project that has a short timeframe for each deliverable and it required working late hours to meet the tight deadlines. After few months, I was very much familiar with the application and the complexity of the project requirements seemed to lessen relatively. At that time, I was offered a similar role to fill in on a different project team with the same client. It was a tough choice between working on a project that I am well-versed with, and, to start work on a new project with unknown complexities but has less stringent deadlines. I was at crossroads. I finally decided to leave the current project and started working on a new project. Unfortunately, that decision proved to be wrong as the project went on hold after a while due to budget limitations and I ended up looking for a new project.

Relating my experience with the rational decision-making model steps in the text book. I identified the problem as working overtime to meet tight deadlines. I figured out some alternatives as looking for new project within same client site or to relocate to different workplace. I chose to work on the project with the same client so that I can do away with relocation. I accepted new role on a different project and started working. Unfortunately, the chosen alternative ended being a bad choice but I believe it’s a good learning experience that can be applied in the future.

The group decision making process described in the text book could have been helpful in my judgment call. For instance, Brainstorming with close friends could have brought up different perspectives and viable decision alternatives. This could have helped me better analyze the situation. In the Nominal group technique, all of the members has equal participation in group decision making process which will generate a greater pool of ideas and alternatives to choose from. In the Delphi technique, all of the group members constantly make suggestions until a general consensus is reached which I believe will be the optimal and best decision in most cases.


Last One


The toughest decision I made was resigning the old company and joining the new company.

The decision process was not easy. Just like rational decision making process I followed some steps to reach to final decision. I have Identify the issue. As the issue was I wanted to enroll in GBC collage for a graduate program and keep working on CPT to bare my expenses. But I am only eligible to have the CPT if my employer is in the 100 miles of area. My employer was not within 100 miles of area. So as part of the solution I have started looking for a new job opportunities. I have applied all the possible companies which comes within 100 miles of area and also suits to my job profile and also contacted my friends for reference. Part of the process I have started getting the calls where I applied and selected the best job which gives me same job profile, better benefits, competitive pay also the perfect location. To implement my decision I applied to the collage with new employer details and got approval with CPT. As a feedback I am enjoying my new job and can balance my work and study well.

There are three group decision making process. First is brainstorming where any feedback on any alternative will only consider after presenting all alternatives. In my decision process I could have used this for selecting the collage while discussing about the different collage options to my family. Second, Nominal group technique where everyone write their ideas and put it in the box and then each ideas discussed verbally within group. I could have used this ideas at work to involve a new process for employee appraisal. The third is Delphi Technique in which employees respond to questionnaires and based on the all the response new questionnaires created and evaluated until the management get the solution of the problem. I could have used this to prepare exit interview questions at work.


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