Each answer has to be at least 250 words.  Please do your best. (4 question)

STUDY GUIDE:  Final Exam Essays

The final exam will consist of 5 multiple choice questions at 4 pts. each and the following 4 essays.  Post 250 words (+/- 10%) per essay.  Please adhere to the word limit. 

The essay questions are not hard, you just need to spend a little time thinking about them and write concisely with a purpose.  Show me that you have a solid understanding of the issue.   The answers are in your textbook and course materials.

  1. Compare and Contrast the “Respect Nature”, “Ownership and Control of Environments”, and “Landscapes in the Service of Remote Consumers” paradigms. In your response, be certain to include: The effects on the environment of each paradigm. The social justice and human equity implications of each paradigm.  From a Human-Ecological perspective, what are the good and bad points of each paradigm?

  2.  Explain why the belief in the possibility of unlimited growth must give way to a new paradigm, if we are to live well in the Anthropocene. Include an explanation of why programs to bring the poor up to the levels of profligacy enjoyed by the rich are impossible.

  3.  Discuss the problems of industrial commodification of food systems and the solutions to those problems. Explain how engaged ecological citizens, who are prepared to demand local sustainable food systems, could extend relevant ethical principles and standards to distant lands and remote land managers and have expectations that the systems of production that supply them are also just and sustainable.

  4.  Discuss the need for modern society to shift to a paradigm of Sufficiency, within which just and sustainable well being for all of creation becomes the norm. How can this be achieved on an Earth That Is Full? Include consideration of both ecological, and social and environmental justice and human equity issues.

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