The final paper should be the culmination of your work in ORG 6515. It is essential to incorporate your professor’s feedback on the draft you submitted in Week Three, where you created an outline for this final paper. Incorporate relevant citations to substantiate your discussions and include pertinent social capital assessments as discussed in the Week Four Assignment to substantiate how you can integrate the measurement tools and metrics in your own assessment of social capital.

Although this assignment requires APA Style, APA allows first person writing for personal accounts and personal journals. Students are expected to discuss the self assessment in this section of the paper in a personal sense.

You should ensure that your final paper is polished writing and professional in all regards. In addition to the steps outlined above, references and in-text citations should be checked for completeness so that they provide a comprehensive view of the paper’s focus and substantiate your conclusions. It is expected that you will integrate learning from the weekly discussion forums into the final paper.

References and outside sources should use appropriate models and theories from Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Organizational Behavior, and/or related disciplines. In other words, top papers will move well beyond mere opinion. As with the outline, annotated bibliography, and draft, all writing should conform to APA standards. This final paper should also include a tightly written abstract.

Using course learning, you should demonstrate a solid grasp of the subject matter to link theory and practice, especially in the conclusion section of your paper. Elaboration of the point about face validity is also in order. Finally, the conclusion should elaborate on the effect of your knowledge of social capital on your career, organization affiliation, or community. To emphasize, the entire project and particularly the conclusion should have professional relevance for you – something that can be used in your career.

Your final paper should include the following six elements:

Statement of purpose. Describe the purpose of the paper.

Central thesis. Discuss specifics of your orientation to social capital and explain how the concept of social capital relates to your professional and personal life. You should include relevant literature and integrate citations in your discussion.

Audit of your organization or circumstances for social capital. This is an audit on the professional context in which you experience social capital. It should include specifics about this topic in your setting, sub-systems, norms, culture, and your position in a network that may also include social capital outside the organization’s boundaries.

Self-audit of social capital. Conduct a self-assessment that analyzes your social capital in a personal sense. It should include, but not be limited to, your emotional intelligence and the congruence between your behavior and attitudes about social capital as you experience it and your ethical standards and core values. For example, is your “real world” interpersonal style trusting and collaborative? How do you resolve dilemmas about social capital when you seem caught in a social capital setting or network that runs contrary to your value system? After your self-analysis, the emphasis of the paper should be a realistic social capital game plan to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Although this assignment requires APA Style, APA allows first person writing for personal accounts and personal journals. Students are expected to discuss the self assessment in this section of the paper in a personal sense.

Evaluation and metrics. This section of the paper is the development of signposts, metrics, and a plan to evaluate your progress in acquiring, or perhaps decreasing, your social capital. In addition to an assessment plan, keep in mind that indicators of your progress can be either quantitative, qualitative, or both. Emphasis on the convergent validity of your assessment should emphasize multiple measures and, ideally, multiple methods of social capital evaluation.

Conclusions. Beginning with the outline presented in Part I, this assignment should integrate course learning, including but not limited to the central themes from the textbooks and discussions. Keep in mind that the major purpose of the conclusion section is to integrate the course content and to demonstrate your mastery of the course material. It is important to emphasize throughout the development of your paper that it should have face validity and practical usefulness to your professional needs. The paper should also be of scholarly quality, properly cited, and in APA formatted.

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