Invasive species can wipe out a biological community and wreak havoc on an ecosystem.  Invasive species can be intentionally or unintentionally introduced into a biological community. Intentional introduction most likely occurs when environmentalists are trying to control populations of other types of animals. Unintentional invasions are more critical because no management and control processes have been set up to manage the invasion. Therefore, it usually becomes an epidemic before it’s even noticed.

Assignment Details: Case Study: A federal agency has put you in charge of devising responses to the zebra mussel invasion.  You will be presenting the data and the approaches being made to find a solution.

Create a 7-10 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes the following: What are the current issues and concerns about the zebra mussel invasion (Who and what is being affected)? What is being done to manage the situation? List several tactics currently being used. (Use research to support your ideas) What are the advantages and disadvantages for the tactics being used? (minimum of three tactics) Discuss 2-3 additional ideas you have for addressing the issue. For each of your ideas, discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

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