In this assignment you will write a 1-2 page, (500 to 1000 word) assessment of the status of coal in the US. Coal is still an important resource but it has become less so. In this paper you will assess trends and express your opinion on the future of the US use of coal in electrical production and support your opinion with facts.

I am providing you with a resource, the 2013 Energy Information Agency Annual Coal Report. This report was issued in April of 2015 but the Government works at the speed of  ???? well…. government I suppose (I can’t think of anything much slower), so the data is old before it gets out the door. 

Therefore, you will need to find two other credible sources. You may use trade publications, media reports etc, just tell me what you used and cite them. ( I prefer MLA but Chicago Style is fine, please don’t use APA)


in the attachemnt, a  supplemental reading on coal resources. A bit old (2009) but some good stuff.  



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