I need someone to do this for me! I have been working on this for the past few months. I have poor comprehension problems. I just really need someone to give me DIRECT answers instead of wordy responses. I just really need to know the definition/what  every single one of these means.



Following is a list of key words that you should know for each of the major areas listed above. While this is not represented as an exhaustive list of every term you should know, knowing each of these terms and the related concepts help you prepare for the Exam. You may find it helpful to make a list of definitions for words and terminology that may be new to you.


Technician Duties and General Information

Confidentiality                                                                        Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)                       Over the counter (OTC) drugs

Controlled Substances Act (CSA)                                            Pharmacy security

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)                                State Board of Pharmacy

                                                                                                Technician duties



Dosage Forms

Aerosols                                                                                  Chewable tablets

Capsules                                                                                 Controlled-released products

Creams                                                                                    Otic preparations

Dosage forms                                                                          Parenteral medications

Elixirs                                                                                      Reconstituting

Emulsions                                                                                Solutions

Enteric-coated tablets                                                            Sublingual tablets

Gels                                                                                         Suppositories

Lotions                                                                                    Suspensions

Ointments                                                                               Syrups

Ophthalmic preparations                                                        Transdermal patches

Prescription Containers and Closures

Applicator bottles                                                                   Closures

Child-resistant caps                                                                Dropper bottles

Generic Substitution

Brand-name drugs                                                                  Generic drugs

Dispense as written                                                                Multiple-source drugs

Information on Prescription Stock Bottle Labels

Controlled substance mark                                                     Lot number

Expiration date                                                                        National Drug Code (NDC) number

Prescription-only symbol (Rx)                                                 Stock bottle label

Legend Statement

Controlled Substances

DEA number                                                                            Schedule IV (C-IV)

Emergency prescriptions                                                        Schedule V (C-V)

Filing prescription forms                                                         Schedule VI (C-VI)

Partial filling                                                                           Schedule V records log

Refilling prescriptions                                                             Storing prescription stock

Schedule I (C-I)                                                                        Transfer warning statement

Schedule II (C-II)                                                                      Transferring medications

Schedule III (C-III)                                                                    Transferring prescriptions


Dentist (DDS or DMD)                                                             Physician (MD)

Nurse practitioner (NP)                                                           Physician assistant (PA)

Optometrist (OD)                                                                    Podiatrist (DPM)

Osteopathic physician (DO)                                                   Veterinarian (DVM)

Receiving Prescriptions

Facsimile prescriptions                                                           Transferred prescriptions

Oral Prescriptions


Interpreting Directions for Use

aa or  āā                                                disp                                         NKA                                         qod

aa                                            DTD                                         noc                                          Rx

ac                                            EC                                            NR                                            

ad                                            el or elix                                  od                                            SA

ad lib                                       expect                                     oj                                             SC, subQ, or SQ

aff                                            fl                                              ophth                                       Sig

AM                                           fl oz                                         os                                            SL

ANX                                         g or gm                                    otic                                          SOB

app                                          gr                                             ou                                            sol

aq                                            gtt(s)                                       oz                                             SR

aq                                            h, hr or º                                  p                                              ss or  

as                                            HA                                           pc                                            stat

ASAP                                        HBP                                         pc & hs                                    supp

au                                            hs                                            ped                                          susp

BC                                            IM                                            PM                                           syr

bid                                           IV                                             po                                            T or tbsp

BP                                            kg                                            pr                                             t or tsp

c or                                                                                  L                                              prn                                           tab(s)

cap(s)                                      LA                                            pulv                                         tid

cc                                             loc                                           q                                              tinc

cpd or cmpd                     &n

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