Here is two discussions questions, for this two discussions, only need about 1-2 paragraph.


The first one will be “What is meant by the terms lumper and splitter with respect to Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus?  Look over these two species and explain the evidence and how you would classify them.” The second one will be “There are 4 important areas to be answered from chapter 10 depending on your last name!  Write in your own words a summarization from the book or from online research from academic sites only! If your last name starts with the letter A-G answer this question for us:  Compare the three major hypotheses for the origin of bipedalism.  Which one do you think best explains it? H-M: Explain the anatomical characteristics of hominids that reflect bipedalism.  Which characteristic is most important to upright walking in your mind? N-S: Describe the differences in anatomy between the robust and gracile australopithecines.  Do you think they should be separated into different lineages with the Robust line called paranthropines. You may need to look this up online to answer. T-Y: Discuss the argument and evidence that australopithecines rather than early Homo were the first tool-producers.  What do you think? (my last name is Wu)” 

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