Process You will choose a disease from the list provided by your instructor in Discussions forum. Write a research paper about the topic for a non-scientific community. Ideally, the pamphlet should be in the form of a 4-5 page paper.

Content The paper should contain the following:Content and language that targets a lay audience.  All terms should be explained and diagrams and graphics should be provided to clarify concepts and ideas.A brief description of the disease, including its symptoms and signsExplanation of the effects of the disease on  body function including cellular, tissue, organ and organ system levelsRisk factors contributing to the onset of the diseaseDescription of preventive steps to avoid the disease (if avoidable)Available diagnostic and therapeutic tools, current and future research Outcomes of the disease (such as prognosis or recovery potential)

Format of the paper double-spaced, Arial, Times New Roman font, size 12 font5-6 pagesTitle pageReferences included in APA format (should be provided on a separate page)

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