Assignment InstructionsPrepare a short presentation on something you learned during this course that you found particularly interesting, or at least interesting enough to do some research on.

Here is guidance for the student presentation.

1. Look through the text and Course Materials (including the COMET Modules) for something that you find particularly interesting, or at least interesting enough to investigate further, and look around the Internet for information and graphics.

2. Microsoft Powerpoint is an excellent tool for preparing the presentation, and the notes option provides a convenient place to type in the words you would have spoken to the class if we were all assembled in a traditional classroom setting.

3. Instead of counting slides, plan your presentation to last about five to ten minutes if it could be presented to your classmates in a traditional classroom.

4. Identify your sources (including all images), either the bibliographical citation or the website.  It’s important to cite all images as direct quotes and a full bibliography on the final slide.

So the student presentation is not a formal research paper. It is intended to share information and images that you found particularly interesting or exciting.

Email the instructor if you have any other specific questions.

Rubric for grading PowerPoints Synthesis of concepts: Presentation showed a clear understanding of the chosen topic. Ideas are clearly and properly organized. 40% Use of technology: Student demonstrated ability to use PowerPoint software to create a slide presentation. Creative ideas are incorporated into the presentation. 15% Clear citations: References to the course text or to other materials were properly cited (Including images). 15% Writing standards: The writing was grammatically correct, clear and concise. The presentation was well formulated, and easy to read and understand. Correct terminology was used when needed. 20% Length: Presentation is at least 10-15 slides of solid content, not all images: 10%



Listed Below are the weekly topics we discussed as a class. Choose something that pertains to something relevant that is listed below. DO NOT ANSWER THE BELOW QUESTIONS! Just select the topic for this assignment.


CO-1   Describe how the Earth’s atmosphere absorbs and reflects incoming solar radiation and maintains Earth’s energy balance, and describe the vertical and horizontal structures of the Earth’s atmosphere.

CO-2    Describe how temperature data are gathered and used; explain how moisture is observed and measured in the atmosphere.

CO-3    Examine how clouds develop, describe what causes precipitation, what is meant by air pressure, pressure gradient force, and Coriolis force, and discuss wind characteristics at the surface and aloft.

CO-4    Compare the technologies involved with meteorology and how they are applied to monitor conditions, create forecasts and disseminate warnings.

CO-5    Explain what factors produce the climate of a location on Earth, compare and classify the various climates of the world.

CO-6    Apply the laws of physics to hands-on weather observation and forecasting.

CO-7   Identify atmospheric forces creating weather systems, to include fronts, high and low pressure and severe weather systems.

CO-8   Demonstrate knowledge atmospheric optics characteristics.

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