1. Calculate acid test.

A. 1.52 

B. 1.45

C. .152

D. .145

2. When a bond is selling for more than its face value, it’s selling at a

A. coupon rate. 

B. premium.

C. discount.

D. debenture

3. Ramon owns a home that was appraised for $132,600. Ramon’s credit union is willing to

loan an amount up to 70% of the appraised value of a home. Based on this information,

what is the maximum potential amount of credit that’s available to Ramon for a home

equity loan?

A. $92,820 

B. $89,340

C. $62,538

D. $49,560

1. Renaissance composers used which of the following to create polyphonic textures?

A. Elision

B. Counterpoint

C. Ternary forms

D. Word-painting

2. A measured performance that adheres consistently to the duple meter would be read as

A. 1-2-3-4.

B. 1-2-3-4.

C. 1-2-3.

D. 1-2-3-4.

3. A capella choral music is meant to be

A. played in church on an organ.

B. sung by women only.

C. sung by men only.

D. sung without instrumental accompaniment.

1. A single, long note held underneath a melodic line is known as a

A. plainchant.

B. drone bass.

C. phrase.

D. homophonic line.

2. The volume of sound is known as

A. frequency.

B. dynamics.

C. amplitude.

D. pitch.

3. Native American chant incorporates meaningless sung syllables that serve as a form of melodic instrument called

A. duple meter.

B. drone bass.

C. vocables.

D. pulse.

1. In plainchant, a sentence of text almost always ends with

A. the note D.

B. a minor chord.

C. cadence.

D. disjunct motion.

2. Smooth, stepwise movement within a melodic phrase, sub phrase, or statement is known as _______


A. harmonic

B. conjunct

C. chordal

D. tonal

3. An example of a percussion instrument is the

A. lute.

B. shawm.

C. violin.

D. drum.

1. Roy will play a melody in triple meter and place the pulse of the meter on the first beat. Chuck will play the triple meter melody and place the pulse of the meter on the third beat. Who is playing the melody with the correct pulse?

A. Roy

B. Chuck

C. Neither is playing the melody correctly.

D. Both are playing the melody correctly.

2. The texture of GregorXXXXX XXXXXt is said to be

A. homophonic.

B. polyphonic.

C. heterophonic.

D. monophonic.


3. Accented notes that run against the regular pulse of the musical meter are referred to as

A. iambic.

B. duple meter.

C. anapestic.

D. syncopated.

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