I just want you to reply to these to discussion with 100 words each, just simple response.


The first one,


It is interesting article since it shows an important point of the relationship and the difference between Capitalism and Democracy. Sometimes looking at the negative effect is not enough, so looking positively is a way better to make people understand the situation on either side. Positively, both are working together but the difference is that each one has its own tasks. To crack the conflict between them we need to make them work together and equally. Democracy gives the people freedom, right and equal. However, Capitalism tends more to an  economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. I see that most of countries, which have a Democratic system, also have Capitalism and both are helpful either for governments and its citizens. Giving people the right to choose their master and government could help to apply the Capitalism system perfectly in order to raise the economy and people wealth. In fact, the people would interact well to help improve their economy if the two systems work together, and the government might be satisfied with its nations so they can avoid any conflict that might cause due to these systems.



The second one



In my view they are rival siblings that arose from the same environmental conditions, property rights, and legal rights from undue process and guaranteed in law, and representation. Democracy is a mechanism for choosing government, which is the entity responsible for creating and enforcing laws. It results in good laws and bad laws. The nice thing about it is that it provides a civil process for changing laws. It’s not as good as having a wise ruler, but it’s a lot more stable. Much of the legal system is actually designed to protect property rights and not individual rights. Capitalism arose and the newly enriched merchant class then pushed for more say in government, so the franchise was widened to include them. Gradually this franchise was widened to include workers through campaigning and collective bargaining. As with rivals they tend to try and get one over on each other. Unchecked capitalism regularly hits crisis and the people suffer from fraud, uncompetitive practices and gouging if not regulated by laws introduced by democracy. However, Just look at the monopoly positions of opportunistic pharma investors the moment raising price on generic medicines and out of patent medicines because they are in a monopoly position. Unchecked crony capitalism has the upper hand at the moment as moneyed interests are dominating assemblies by paying for candidates advertising and lobbying.


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