Use the chart to complete the written part of the paper

 Your paper should also have a title page, introduction and conclusion.

 Your introduction should briefly describe your experiment and discuss how the scientific process helps with student learning.

Your conclusion should identify the outcome of the experiment in detail and explain how this experiment along with other science experiences can help lay the foundation for a life-long love of learning.

Make sure to choose an experiment that encourages problem solving and creative thinking.

The Scientific Process

Following are the steps to the scientific process. Be sure to cover each of these in your experiment and document everything in the project template.

Hypothesis: what you think the answer will be; an educated guess


Materials: list of everything you need to complete your experiment


Procedure: steps to carry out a controlled experiment


Observations: your results—what happened during the experiment?


Conclusions: the answer (if you found one) to the original question or problem; was your hypothesis correct? CE330 Unit 6 Project 2




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